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DN Sail Measuring Procedure Issued by Technical Committee

Effective Date: 
December 01, 2012

G. Sail

Procedure for measuring a DN Sail
  1. Preparing the sail for measuring:
    1. The sail shall be free of the mast and boom.
    2. Battens should be removed.
    3. Lay the sail on a hard surface (table, floor, or ice sailing surface).
    4. Measure each specified dimension one-at-a-time with tension applied only across the line of measurement as is sufficient to remove wrinkles, except as specified in G.17 and G.24.
    5. Use the following points of measurement when measuring location of battens and batten pockets and pocket angles.
      1. Locate the straight line leech by stretching a string or small diameter rope from the forward upper corner of the headboard to the clew, excluding the bolt rope. (ref. G.17 and interpretation G. Sail dated 11/20/2011)
      2. The top edge of a batten pocket is located along the top of the inside width of the pocket.
      3. The centerline of the batten pocket is located in the center of the inside width of the pocket.
    6. Use the location of the forward upper corner of the headboard (ref. interpretation dated 11/20/2011) as the location of the hole in the head of the sail when folding to measure the girth. (ref. G.18)
  2. To determine the location of the top batten pocket and spacing between battens, (ref G.7):
    1. In G.7 the measuring point on the top of the headboard is located at the forward upper corner of the headboard (ref. interpretation G. Sail 11/20/2011). All points along the top edge of the pocket must comply the 27" (686 mm) minimum dimension from the head. (ref. 5 b. above)
    2. The spacing between the battens is measured between the centerline of the batten pockets where the centerline intersects the straight line leech. (ref. 5.c. above)
  3. To determine the angle of the batten pockets. (ref. G.8)
    1. Measure the angle between the straight line leech (ref. 5.a. above) and the top edge of the batten pocket.(ref. 5.b. above)
    2. Measure one-pocket-at-a-time.
    3. Place the base of a protractor along the straight line leech, centered at the top edge of the batten pocket (ref. 5.b. above) , and facing the luff.
    4. Read the angle at the top edge of the pocket. (ref. 5.b. above)

Link to the new Interpretation of Official Specifications of DN IceYacht