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D. Boom

      English       Metric
  Max Min   Max Min
  1.   108 Opt.   2743 Opt. Length (from mast):
  2.   3 2-1/2   76.2 63.6 Depth (from outhaul bracket to 12'', 305mm, from mast):
  3.   1-25/32 1-1/4   42.25 31.8 Thickness (from outhaul bracket to 12'', 305mm from mast):
  4. Only one boltrope tunnel is permitted. The boltrope tunnel shall be substantially straight with boom relaxed. An aluminum boltrope tube is allowed. It must weigh less than three ounces per foot (280 grams/meter). The internal diameter must be at least 3/8'' (9.5mm). The cross section of the tube is optional.
  5. Cross section profile is optional. Boom may be hollow.
  6. Boom jaws are optional. Devices which prevent or hinder movement of the boom on the mast are prohibited except for check wire.
  7. A 1/2'' (12. mm) wide stripe shall be painted around the boom in contrasting color. Stripe shall be perpendicular to sail tunnel. Forward edge of the stripe shall be 8' 10'' (2692 mm) or less from forward inner surface of mast sail slot projected fairly.
  8. Boom shall be constructed of wood or aluminum. Fiberglass may be added for reinforcement only.

See General Interpretations and Boom Interpretations at the end of the Specifications.