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Organisation of IDNIYRA Europe

  1. The European DN Class Organisation is part of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association (IDNIYRA). Its purposes are the same as those of the IDNIYRA.

  2. The European organisation is made up of individual members acting through respective National membership meetings, National Secretaries and its European Governing Committee and the European Iceboating Authority (EIA)

  3. Dues, Membership and Fiscal Year

    1. National dues are set by the respective National organisations

    2. The IDNIYRA-Europe dues are set by the National Secretaries’ Meeting and based upon a subscription per country or per start place in the European Championships. The National Secretaries should pay those dues to IDNIYRA-Europe each year before the EC entry closing date.

    3. A member who has paid his dues for the current year to either IDNIYRA-NA or the appropriate IDNIYRA-Europe National organisation shall be a member of IDNIYRA. Such memberships will entitle all members to vote on proposed changes to official specifications, plans, Constitution and By Laws; to sail in the IDNIYRA Gold Cup and other major regattas (NA and EC); hold office; and to receive information published by IDNIYRA.

  4. Duties of IDNIYRA-Europe Officers

    World Commodore. There will be an honorary office of World Commodore. The World Commodore will be the Commodore of the continent hosting the Gold Cup that year or his designated representative.

    1. European Commodore: Duties

      1. To preside at Board and National Secretaries Annual Meetings.

      2. To represent IDNIYRA-Europe interests.

      3. To call Board meetings. When a meeting is requested, in writing, by at least two Board Members a Board meeting will be organised within four weeks.

      4. Ultimate authority over the choice of the regatta site for European Championships, European Cup, and World Championships when held in Europe.

    2. European Vice Commodore: Duties

      1. To assist the European commodore in his/her duties and represent him/her during his/her absence.

      2. To oversee the care of the perpetual trophies. These must be engraved each season and available for presentation at the appropriate prize giving (WC, EC & E Cup) and a record kept of winners’ names.

    3. European Treasurer: Duties (May be combined with Commodore or Vice Commodore)

      1. Collection of membership dues.

      2. Financial administration of IDNIYRA-Europe.

      3. To provide a current Financial Report to National Secretaries Meeting members four weeks in advance of the meeting.

      4. Presentation to the Executive Board and National Secretaries of an audited IDNIYRA-Europe Financial Statement covering the fiscal year (1st April – 31st March) at the Annual National Secretaries Meeting

      5. Payment of reasonable expenses incurred on IDNIYRA-Europe business by Executive Board and Technical Committee members.

      6. Obtain approval of the European Commodore for other expenditures.

    4. European Secretary: Duties

      1. Keeping and directing all IDNIYRA-Europe correspondence.

      2. Taking the Minutes of the National Secretaries Meetings and, after approval by the Commodore, conveying them to all participants and indicated parties.

      3. To administer lists of members provided by the National Secretaries.

      4. To liaise regularly with the IDNIYRA-NA Secretary.

    5. Junior Programme Manager: Duties

      1. To act as the link between Junior DN and Ice Optimist sailors and the Executive Board. See 13 for relationship IDNIYRA Europe and Junior Programme.

      2. To attend National Secretaries and Board meetings.

      3. Organise Junior Programme planning meetings.

      4. Attend and supervise Junior DN and Ice Optimist major Regattas (WC and EC)

      5. Encourage participation in IDNIYRA-Europe regattas by junior DN sailors.

    6. National Secretary: Duties

      1. Represent their organisation in IDNIYRA-Europe.

      2. Attend National Secretaries Meeting. If unable to attend, a representative with written authorisation may attend as National Secretary or a proxy vote may be given to another attending National Secretary.

      3. Assignment of National sail numbers.

      4. To provide a National membership list annually by 1st December to the IDNIYRA-Europe Secretary and the IDNIYRA-NA secretary

      5. Remit National annual dues to IDNIYRA-Europe Treasurer before the EC entry closing date.

      6. Select and enter National participants in World Championship, European Championship and Europa Cup regattas.

    7. Webmaster

      1. The portal website is the main information source for IDNIYRA-Europe.

      2. The website shall provide official IDNIYRA information and links to member Nations

      3. Special services for ice reports, regatta information, membership administration, voting procedures, online publishing etc. shall be developed.

      4. A responsible webmaster will be appointed by the National Secretaries Meeting for two years.

      5. A yearly budget will be allocated and revised by the National Secretaries Meeting.

    8. Technical Committee:

      1. Full details are contained in the IDNIYRA Constitution. The three European members of this Committee will be elected at the European National Secretaries’ meeting. The term of office is six years and for purposes of continuity, one new member shall be elected every two years.

      2. Respond within a reasonable time to all technical questions addressed to them by National Secretaries or individual members.

      3. Keep measurement rules up to date and distribute them to all members via the webmaster and the web.

      4. Maintain close contact with the NA members of the Technical Committee.

      5. Act in all respects in accordance with Article XII of the IDNIYRA Constitution

  5. Governing Committee

    The European Governing Committee consists of its officers acting as a group on 2 levels.

    1. The Executive Board consisting of the European Commodore, Vice Commodore, Treasurer, Secretary, and Junior Programme Manager. All members are elected by majority vote at the National Secretaries Meeting and serve for two years. In order to ensure continuity on the Board, no more than two members should change in any one year. National Secretaries are appointed by nations.

    2. The National Secretaries Meeting consists of the Executive Board, National Secretaries of all European Member countries and one member of the European Technical Committee.

      Their individual duties are specified in para. 4. Their corporate responsibilities are:

      Executive Board: The day to day working of IDNIYRA-Europe between the Annual National Secretaries Meeting and in consultation where appropriate with National Secretaries.

      The National Secretaries Meeting: The running of IDNIYRA – Europe primarily through attendance at the Annual National Secretaries Meeting either in person or via proxy. No nation may carry more than two proxy votes at this meeting. Initiation of changes to Constitution, By Laws, Official Specifications and Racing Rules by proposing such changes to the IDNIYRA membership according to the procedure described in Article XI of the IDNIYRA Constitution. The approval of new member countries. The setting of dues and insurance requirements of the IDNIYRA Constitution.

  6. Annual Meeting

    The annual European National Secretaries Meeting shall be held on completing each season if possible before 1st May and hosted by a European member nation in rotation. It will be chaired by the European Commodore and the minutes taken are published by the European Secretary. A majority of votes cast shall determine the decision on all questions and the chair shall cast the deciding vote in case of a tie. The chair also has the power to fix a time limit on speakers, discussions and agenda items.

    The entire European Governing Committee (see para. 5) will be invited together with an IDNIYRA-NA representative. Member countries unable to attend may nominate proxy votes by agreement to specific agenda items. Proxy votes are restricted to 2 absent member nations per attending nation. A quorum shall be a minimum of five National Secretaries or their appointed representatives (not including proxies).

    The Commodore and Secretary will issue the meeting agenda at least one month ahead of the meeting date. Issues for the agenda must be communicated to both the Commodore and Secretary at least 6 weeks before the meeting date. The meeting will normally be scheduled to run for 2 days.

  7. European Iceboat Authority (EIA)

    The EIA is established to hear appeals against any Regatta

    Protest Committee decisions in Europe which are disputed.

    The three EIA members are elected by the National Secretaries Meeting and their names and contact details posted on the IDNIYRA Europe web site.

    They shall respond in writing or by Email to all appeals within 6 weeks of receipt.

    They shall also maintain regular contact with the Directors of the NIA.

  8. Insurance

    All European participants in regattas are required to have 3rd Party Liability Insurance providing cover of Euros 500,000. The Regatta committee will require proof of insurance from all skippers at the time of registration. All Insurance claims should include the following documents:

        1. The Protest Committee findings (in a Regatta)

        2. A realistic damage assessment and cost by a Technical Committee member (in a Regatta)

        3. In non Regatta incidents a competent equivalent of the above.

  9. Anti Doping Policy

    In the interests of FAIR SAILING IDNIYRA Europe has an Anti Doping Policy in force and is a signatory to the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) Code. ( ) This web site contains full details of the “Prohibited List” together with the procedure required for those sailors who have a medical need to take drugs which are on the Prohibited List. – A Therapeutic Use Certificate (TUE). Misuse of alcohol will not be tolerated.

  10. IDNIYRA-Europe Regattas

    These will be conducted in accordance with the By Laws and the NIA rules as supplemented by the IDNIYRA Racing Rules with the following additions:

        1. In the Interests of safety the two racing Marks will be extended by the use of the “Dolly” mark which will be secured to the ice at least 75 metres directly upwind from the Leeward Mark and at least 75 metres directly downwind from the Windward Mark. A traffic cone has been found satisfactory for this purpose. During any race no yacht may pass between the Dolly mark and the main Mark at any time unless forced to do by another yacht. A DSQ will be the penalty.

        2. The maximum number of participants is set at 200 divided into four fleets of 50.

        3. Each IDNIYRA Europe Nation may have 4 participants by right regardless of their International Ranking. Any additional participants will normally need to have a ranking place. This arrangement ensures representation from all Nations is possible.

  11. Race Instructions

    These will be issued by the host Nation. Sample Race Instructions can be found on the IDNIYRA Europe web site under “Download”. This also contains many other helpful samples for Regatta organizers.

  12. Trophies

    The Vice Commodore will maintain a record of the current Trophy holders and this will be placed on the DN Forum – Bulletin Board.

    Perpetual trophies are to be properly engraved with the winners’ names and delivered to the proper race official two weeks prior to the regatta.

    They must be repaired or replaced if damaged or lost.

  13. Junior Programme

    The European Junior Programme operates under the guidance of IDNIYRA Europe and its two Classes are the Junior DN and the Ice Optimist. The Age Limits for these two Classes are: Junior DN 15-21 in the Championship year (in 2010 those born in 1989) Ice Optimist 10-16 in the Championship year (in 2010 those born in 1994). All trainers and junior leaders are welcome to discuss younger sailors participating in both classes with the Race Committee. The Junior Programme Manager is the responsible INDNIYRA-Europe Board member. IDNIYRA-Europe recognizes that the future of the DN class relies to some extent on this programme. The Junior DN is a standard DN Ice Yacht. The Ice Optimist is an ice sailing version of the Optimist dinghy using an adapted version of the Optimist sail rig. An important IODA condition for the use of this is that all sails in major regattas (WC and EC) must carry the Optimist Logo and the button (disc) in the tack corner of the sail. See (Juniors) for Ice Optimist building plans.