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Buy the 2016 IDNIYRA Yearbook

IDNIYRA Yearbook 2016
SKU: YB2014

The printed edition 2016 IDNIYRA Yearbook is available for order for only $17 which includes postage & handling to North American members. Our Executive Class Secretary, Deb Whitehorse, has created an outstanding yearbook and I encourage all members to purchase a Yearbook.

A printed yearbook is very important for the class, because of the harsh environment of ice boating, and for historical reasons. The class is very proud of publishing a printed edition of a yearbook with the membership directory in it, and the quarterly Runner Tracks.

Because the Yearbook contains the membership directory, you need to be an active member (dues up to date) to purchase the yearbook.

The online version is always available for free on the IDNIYRA web site.

European IDNIYRA members are encouraged to purchase the yearbooks at the same price, but we encourage the European member that enjoys the Yearbook, to also pay the North American membership dues to help support the creation fo the yearbook and Runner Tracks, (and the additional shipping charges). Bonus - European member that pays North American dues will receive the printed Runner Tracks too.

The governing board, humbly asks the members to purchase their yearbooks in addition to your membership dues to help with the costs of creating, printing, and shipping the annual yearbook.

think ice!
Jim McDonagh