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New to Iceboating

Welcome. We mean that.

DN iceboaters world welcome you to our sport. This thrill ride is shared by sailors around the world, and we hope you, too, will join in.

The DN is a hot rod on ice -- fast, responsive and easy to transport. But by far its best feature is that any boat – hull, plank, mast, runners, and sail – can be set up to fit just about any sailor. Granted, the very top racers have tweaked their equipment to unbelievable detail. But they all started with basic equipment and a burning ambition to fly across the ice.

This is your starting point with the basic information necessary to get on the ice in a safe, affordable and competitive program. It’s not an owner’s manual or a tuning guide. You’ll soon see why. Think of this as an invitation with instructions.

Read the sections provided and then click on the link for DN Mentors, a new program that creates a one-on-one relationship between an experienced DN sailor and you. If you have a question, even a “dumb” one, your mentor will help with answers and advice. Just send us your email address, and someone will get in touch with you right away.