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Registration-2016 North American Championship

Notice of Race (Click to View)
North American DN Championship Regatta
February 22-27 2016

Organizing Authority
International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association
North American Central Lakes Region

Each skipper may register on:
The Entry fee shall be paid in U.S. Dollars.
The entry fee is $110.00 (USD) if paid prior to December 31, 2015.
The entry fee is $150.00 (USD) if entered after January 1, 2015.
No entry fee will be accepted after the close of registration (refer to schedule
of events)
Novice Entries
Novice DN racers may enter the Regatta with the payment of two years
association dues. No other event registration payments shall apply.
A sailor shall be classified as a Novice if: that person has never
belonged to the IDNIYRA, or their membership has lapsed for 5 or more
years. A Novice must comply with all other entry requirements.

Proof of Insurance: Please upload an image file (scan, or legible smart-phone picture)


> December 31, 2015---deadline for early entry
> January 1, 2016 -------late entry fee becomes effective
> February 17, 2016 9:00 EST primary site info to be posted on DN America
> February 21, 2015 5:00 pm To 9:00 pm local time Final DN North American
Championship REGISTRATION and CHECK IN in at headquarters listed on DN
America Forum. Late phone check in registration information to be listed
on the forum.
> Opening Flag ceremonies follow registration

> February 22, 2016 first race at time stated in sailing instructions.
> February 26, 2016 racing is concluded unless 3 races in each fleet have not
been completed by sundown Friday, racing shall continue until sundown
on February 27, 2016.
Sailing instructions to be available to all competitors at time of final
2016NAC_Form.png (Click here to view and print the Mail-In Form)


SKU: 2016_NAC
A shirt is often included in the registration package you will receive at check-in.
Count Sail Number Competitor
1 US5298 Scott Brown
2 US5517 Jason Thompson
3 US5214 Jim McDonagh
4 US5397 Jori Lenon
5 US4140 Peter J Hoeper
6 US5158 John A Bushey
7 Peter Van Rossem
8 US4203 Pat Fitzgerald
9 P71 Leszek Ziólkowski
10 US1277 Hal K Bowman
11 US637 Joe Meade IV
12 US5420 Mike Deye
13 US5369 Mike Miller
14 US183 Matt H Struble
15 US1610 Bruce Wm. Brown
17 US4512 Stephen D Madden
18 US4911 David W Zoll
19 US3535 Jeffrey S Kent
20 US5156 Geoff Sobering
21 US4638 Guy E Lovejoy
22 US5053 George Reis
23 US4868 Julie A Richards
24 US5486 Dave Elsmo
26 US3705 Robert J Holman
27 G737 Jörg Bohn
28 KC3786 Warren C Nethercote
29 US3433 Robert L Cummins
30 US1313 Robert K Rast
31 US5469 Oliver Moore
32 US4155 Rick Lemberg Sr.
33 US5430 Bill Cutting
34 US4775 Eben M Whitcomb III
35 US472 J. William Coberly
36 US5435 Jody Kjoller
37 US5224 James A Thieler
38 US4137 Ken Smith Jr
39 US3700 Richard Clark
40 KC5514 John Curtis
41 KC5457 Colin Duncan
42 US4925 Scott Valentine
43 US3 Jim Grogan
44 US4032 Robert V Schumacher
45 US2360 Pete Johns
46 US4148 Tim Dixon
47 US65 Robert J Gray
48 US5358 David P Frost
49 US5432 Mike Bloom
50 US5166 Chris Berger
51 US5633 Peter Johanson
52 H467 Dideric van Riemsdijk
53 US4487 Chad Atkins
54 US5219 Kent Baker

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Buy the 2016 IDNIYRA Yearbook

IDNIYRA Yearbook 2016
SKU: YB2014

The printed edition 2016 IDNIYRA Yearbook is available for order for only $17 which includes postage & handling to North American members. Our Executive Class Secretary, Deb Whitehorse, has created an outstanding yearbook and I encourage all members to purchase a Yearbook.

A printed yearbook is very important for the class, because of the harsh environment of ice boating, and for historical reasons. The class is very proud of publishing a printed edition of a yearbook with the membership directory in it, and the quarterly Runner Tracks.

Because the Yearbook contains the membership directory, you need to be an active member (dues up to date) to purchase the yearbook.

The online version is always available for free on the IDNIYRA web site.

European IDNIYRA members are encouraged to purchase the yearbooks at the same price, but we encourage the European member that enjoys the Yearbook, to also pay the North American membership dues to help support the creation fo the yearbook and Runner Tracks, (and the additional shipping charges). Bonus - European member that pays North American dues will receive the printed Runner Tracks too.

The governing board, humbly asks the members to purchase their yearbooks in addition to your membership dues to help with the costs of creating, printing, and shipping the annual yearbook.

think ice!
Jim McDonagh

Modern Plans


These scale plans were first published in 1981, and still provide a competitive DN today. They were designed through a collaboration of many of the top DN builders at the time. The plans show a wood mast, although sailors racing in top competition use a composite mast today.


Think Ice! - Millenium Edition


By Lloyd Roberts and Wagner St. Clair.

This 100 page book gives an excellent overview of DN sailing, construction, ice safety, tuning and racing.


Sail Number


Official IDNIYRA Sail Number.

You must display your sail number on your sail and on your hull. You must be a member to apply for a sail number. Sail numbers are automatically assigned in the order they were requested. A member may have more then one sail number.

Sail numbers are assigned to the member by the Treasure. Please see the By Laws of the IDNIYRA for more information.

North American Annual Membership Dues


Please stay up to date on your North American Membership Dues. You need to be an active member to vote for officers and on proposals to change the by-laws and specifications. You also must be an active member to race in regional and continental regattas.

Active members are mailed the newsletter and annual yearbook.

You may pay for years in advance to avoid paying an increase in dues.

A dollar has been added to handle on-line processing fees. You can mail in your dues to the treasure, as well for $25.

Mail in Annual Membership Dues Form737.94 KB