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DN Sail Interpretations & Governing Committee Special Ruling

Effective Date: 
November 20, 2011
  1. New interpretation
    In Specification G.8. the leech is a straight line from the head to the clew. Reference Specification G.17 and Interpretations G. Sail.
  2. Specification Spelling Correction
    In Specification G.17 the spelling of the word "leach" is corrected to "leech".
  3. Amend the Interpretation G. Sail dated 3/18/89 to read:
    3/18/89 amended 11/20/2011
    InSpecifications G.8. G.17 and G.24 the location of the forward upper corner of the headboard is determined by projecting
    a straight line parallel to the luff (excluding the bolt rope) to the point
    where it intersects with a line projected from the uppermost point of
    the headboard and perpendicular to the luff.
  4. The IDNIYRA Governing Committee Special Ruling effective

    The batten pockets in all sails made prior to 1/1/2012 shall lie at 90
    degrees plus or minus 8 degrees to the leech. These sails may be
    used in all DN races, including all championships. All other sails
    must comply with Specification G.8.

Link to the new and amended Interpretation of Official Specifications of DN IceYacht