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DN Runner Interpretations Issued by the Technical Committee

Effective Date: 
December 01, 2012

E. Runners

The interpretation dated 11/14/89 is amended to read as follows: Wood, metal, or carbon stiffeners may be added to wood body runners (as in E.1.e. for plate runners) as long as the minimum wood body meets the imensions in E.2.a. and the stiffener is outside the wood body. No wood, metal or carbon stiffener may come between the insert plate and the slot in the wood body. No metal or carbon stiffening is allowed inside the main wood body.
It is allowed to apply a coating to cover the surface of the steel plate, angle, or T used in a runner. The steel, without the coating,shall comply with the dimensions specified in E.1.a.,b.,c.; E.2.f. and E.2.h.

Link to the new Interpretation of Official Specifications of DN IceYacht