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Lost Interpretations Found

Effective Date: 
April 11, 2011

Daniel Hansen from Denmark called to our attention that some of the past Interpretations of the Specifications had been omitted from the current class documents.

Jim McDonagh, Class Secretary, has reviewed his files and has discovered that for the last few years additional past interpretations were omitted in the printing of the yearbooks beginning in 2006 and including the present yearbook. Each year as we proof read the yearbook, we referred to the prior year and did not realize pages had been omitted for several years. I have now reviewed older yearbooks and agree with Jim on the wording of the omitted interpretations.

My thanks to Daniel Hansen for calling this to our attention and to Jim McDonagh for taking the time to research his files to find omitted text. Fortunately, I am not aware there have been any incorrect rulings made by race officials as the result of this error.

Missing since 2006, were the 9/1/99 interpretation for G. Sail, the complete section H. Rigging, and I. Fittings up to and including the 4/15/90 interpretation.

It is encouraged for members to review the sections below of the Interpretations of the Official Specifications of the DN IceYacht.

G. Sail Interpretations
H. Rigging Interpretations
I. Fittings Interpretations

Jane Pegel
Technical Committee