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DN Runner Interpretations Issued by the Technical Committee

Effective Date: 
October 01, 2010

Prepared for Runner Tracks by Jane Pegel,
Chairman IDNIYRA Technical Committee

Sailors have been confused by the wording in the runner specifications regarding the, edges of the steel, particularly the edge radii and the fairing and tapering of the edges of the steel.

Most recently there were differences of opinion in the interpretations of the runner specifications during the 2010 World’s Championship.

Since the close of the 2010 Championship, the Technical Committee has been working diligently to find a way to make the specifications more understandable by the average sailor.

Interpretations have been written and in some instances the wording of the specifications has been modified without making changes in the intent of the specifications.

These interpretations and changes in the wording of the specifications become effective October 1, 2010

E. Runners

3/18/89, amended 10-1-2010
The thickness of the steel plate in insert runners may not be reduced below the minimum thickness of .1875” except as permitted in specification E.12.
The interpretation dated 4/14/2010 has been clarified in the rewording of specification E9, effective 10/1/2010. DELETE 4/14/2010 which read: In specification E.9. the last sentence states that it is not allowed to taper or thin the ¼” (6.35mm) thick steel plate runner below the minimum allowed thickness toward the sharpened ice contact edge. Therefore the interpretation dated 1974 that repeats the language of E.9. is removed the interpretations.
Diagram 19 mm Dimension (attached to be published in Runner Tracks and in the yeabook).[img_assist|nid=133|title=|desc=|link=node|align=left|width=640|height=376]